Organizational and Cultural Change

Health care needs greater accountability, not excuses

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I recently spoke to an executive in the energy industry who had a joint replacement at a hospital in New York. His wound developed an infection, which required four additional hospital admissions and several operations. He asked me about hand hygiene in hospitals. Proudly, I told him that, at Johns Hopkins Hospital, we are at 80(...)

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Part II: ISO clinician leaders in patient safety and quality

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I recently gave a talk to the American Medical Student Association. The energy in the room was palpable. The students were excited, passionate and hopeful. We spoke about the urgent need to reduce preventable harm and to enhance value, and we discussed that they will need to be the ones to lead these efforts. Yet,(...)

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ISO clinician leaders in patient safety and quality

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WANTED: Clinicians for long-term relationship to lead unit and department safety efforts. Must be passionate about improving patient outcomes and value, have skills needed to lead these efforts, and enjoy working as part of a team. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in pushing the civil rights agenda, spoke of the "fierce urgency of now." Recent(...)

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Humble beginnings

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In early June, Dean Miller and Mr. Peterson announced the formation of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. Since then, we have been busy, interviewing many of you, listening to your ideas and concerns, merging the Center for Innovation and the Quality and Safety Research Group into a single new entity. We are(...)

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